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Cider has marked the history of our family. From the moment that Emilio Trabanco undertakes the adventure of turning a “llagar” of self-consumption into all a business project in 1925, many have been the working hours in orchards, in breweries, in cider bars...

And many have been, also, the hours of dedication to one of the major aims in Trabanco: the spirit of moving forward, of improving at each harvest the cider brought onto the market. And the spirit of maintaining the quality levels that has always defined our cider.

The know-how of Emilio Trabanco remains in our day to day. And, most importantly, is an enhanced know-how with contributions from every generation.

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The first racking

It was this second generation who introduced advances now settled in the know-how world of cider such as the racking(mixing different barrels to get the perfect cider) or the incorporation of large-capacity barrels in an era in which having 25,000 liter tanks was an adventure.

The first cider oenologist

In the 1990s, with the whole third generation of the family Trabanco working at the llagar, numerous advances took place. The first oenologist in the world of cider joined them. It was Jesus who added his knowledge, his work method, his rigor in the analysis and his professional vision to the traditional way of making cider.

This helped the diversification of Trabanco and prompted us to bring new products onto the market such as by-products (juice, vinegar) and new emerging versions of cider - the sparkling and the new expression.

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New challenges in the 21st century

Then arrived the 21st century, and the fourth generation of the Trabanco family  joined the business giving way to a new stage marked by new products (like the first brut nature cider,Poma Áurea) and the expansion to new national and international markets,

Getting Trabanco cider to be known and recognized in countries as diverse as the United States, Russia or Australia is now a reality we are very proud of and at which we are still working to improve what our ancestors have bequeathed to us.