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Camin Homegrown cider

Natural cider


Camin Cider is already one of the brands of reference for cider in hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores.

Camin Homegrown is a trademark ascribed to the quality guarantee seal Apple Selected Cider. It makes the difference in several ways:

  • It is a cider made only with selected varieties of 100% Asturian apples.
  • The Bureau Veritas Auditor controls the entire process of production, to certify compliance with the Regulation of Use.
  • A group of expert tasters carried out a blind tasting of the ciders presented to qualification. Only the one which, as an average score, exceeds the remarkable grade is placed in the market with the Cider Apple Selected quality back label.
Alcohol content


Tasting notes
  • Varieties of Apple: bitter, acidic and acidified.
  • Fermentation: using only chestnut wood presses and barrels.
  • Color: golden yellow with fine carbonic.
  • Aroma: complex of ripe Apple, hay flower and mentholated.
  • Flavor: good acidity that gives it freshness and youth with a generous finish and persistent aftertaste.
Available formats
  • 0,70 L glass bottle
  • Cardboard box 6 units (non-returnable)
  • Case 2 bottles + glass
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