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Trabanco Homegrown Cider

Natural cider


The Trabanco “pata negra” is a reference for those who enjoy quality. Belonging to the quality guarantee seal Apple Selected Cider, Trabanco Homegrown is made with a selection of 100% Asturian variety apples, harvested in our own plantations.

The Bureau Veritas auditor thoroughly controls the entire production process of this cider, which before going to the market must go through the most demanding test: a blind tasting, in which recognized tasters evaluate the cider submitted to qualification. Only the one which exceeds the grade of remarkable obtains the quality back label.

Trabanco homegrown is, without doubt, the best representative of the gourmet cider. The ideal choice for those who demand guaranteed and certified quality.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes
  • Varieties of Apple: bitter, acidic and acidified.
  • Fermentation: under controlled temperature in chestnut barrels.
  • Color: lemon yellowish-green backgrounds.
  • Aroma: green fruits and floral nuances of dried rose.
  • Flavor: good acidity and citrus final aftertaste.
  • Behavior in glass: fine and delicate, with good “espalme” (fizzy and bubbly when pouring into the glass)


Available formats
  • Glass 0.70 l bottle
  • Cardboard box 6 units (non-returnable)
  • Cardboard box 12 units (non-returnable)
  • Plastic Box 12 units (returnable)
  • Case of 2 bottles + glass
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