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Our cider breweries

Tradition and modernity come together at the two Trabanco cider breweries
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Trabanco Lavandera | GIJÓN

Lavandera, a few kilometers from Gijon and surrounded by nature, is our first cider brewery where it all began in 1925.

Nowadays it continues to be our working place, the Trabanco headquarters and a meeting point for many friends from the world of cider that visit us each year to learn about our facilities within our plan of sidroturismo.

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Phone: + 34 985 138 003
Address: Camino de los lagares Nº. 290 - Lavandera

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 43 ° 28' 13 "N, 43.470483 GPS, 4816438 UTM
Longitude: 5 ° 38' 41 "W, - 5.644929 GPS, 286080 UTM

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Trabanco Sariego

The second Trabanco brewery  is located in the middle of the cider district. Opened in 2010, this brewery has an area of over 11,000 square meters, which allows us to greatly expand our production capacity and meet the challenges of the near future with guarantees.

Trabanco Sariego also combines the needs of a “llagar” with a commitment to boost the sidroturismo. We promote guided visits and we have launched the project Trabanco Sariego events, providing facilities for family and business events with a very special touch. Please click here to obtain more info about this project.

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Phone: + 34 985 748 423
Address: Antigua carretera AS-113 - Pedrosa SARIEGO – PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 43 ° 24' 42 "N, 43,41180, GPS, UTM 4809661
Longitude: 5 ° 32' 18" W, - 5,53823 GPS, 294487 UTM