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Our orchards

Relying on high-quality raw material has been, and is, one of the fundamental issues in the expansion of Trabanco. The quality of apples is the key to guarantee a cider “de restallu” (striking) for this reason we pay special attention to the selection of varieties and the best quality of apples.

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Currently, we have around 100 hectares of own plantations, which allow us to innovate, by selecting the varieties that we consider most appropriate for each type of cider, and to establish quality controls throughout the production process.

In our plantations, we combine traditional techniques with the latest innovations for our apple care. The goal: get  an optimal performance, in both quantity and quality,  at each harvest.

Having own plantations allows us to go one step further in research, incorporating the varieties that we consider most suitable for the different types of cider that we produce.

This  is the case of Poma Áurea, the first brut nature cider, to which we select a precise plantation (its location and layout should  allows to make the most hours of Sun) and two specific traditional varieties, Regona and Raxao, which provide us the bitter -sour balance we seek to this cider.

This is coupled with our commitment to the recovery of the traditional varieties of cider apples in Asturias, which are at risk of disappearing due to the standardization of varieties.

Through our plantations, and with the purchase of traditional varieties from local suppliers, we contribute to the enhancement of type of apples which were almost disappearing and yet, provide a very high quality and the added value of tradition to our cider.

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