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Future commitment

The future is already here. The third generation of the family Trabanco is already joining this project, learning and renewing the know-how bequeathed by our ancestors.

There are major challenges in our path. The first: keeping the values of tradition, know-how and quality that have always marked the history of Trabanco. This is our identity, which will be marking our progress in these new times.

The second: consolidating the innovations made in recent years, with the introduction of innovative products. The brut nature Poma Áurea, new and more international varieties of cider ... are just some of the new references which we must present and position in domestic and international markets.

And  here we face our third challenge: extending the cider and its culture all over Spain... and all over the world. The Trabanco cider is already consumed in Europe, America and Oceania... And what is still to come!

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