Camín Natural Cider (Sidra Camín) NATURAL CIDER

Camín Natural Cider (Sidra Camín) NATURAL CIDER

Camín cider is already one of the well-known brands in grocery stores, superstores and convenience shops. 

This cider is produced with the best ion of cider apple varieties and, when combined with the knowledge we have inherited from our ancestors and the latest advancements in cider making, Camín is our go-to product for enjoying cider at any time (even as an ingredient for cooking!).


Glass bottle 0.70 L

6 bottles in a cardboard box (non-returnable packaging)

Package with 2 bottles + glass

Tasting notes

Apple varieties: bitter, acidic and sweet.

Fermentation: temperature controlled in stainless steel tanks.

Color: muted, with gold notes and steel tones.

Aroma: complex and clean, with fruity and tannic notes.

Flavor: balanced and dry, with a persistent and aromatic finish.

Diseño: Beirut and Aterton & Programación web:

“TRABANCO DISTRIBUCION Y EXPORTACION SL, en el Marco del Programa de Iniciación a la Exportación del ICEX, ha contado con el apoyo del ICEX y con la cofinanciación del fondo Europeo FEDER. La finalidad de este apoyo es contribuir al desarrollo Internacional de la empresa y de su entorno.”