Trabanco´s cider vermouth, Soul of the party

Trabanco´s cider vermouth, Soul of the party

Last week we travelled to the capital of the United Kingdom. The reason was none other than the tasting of Asturian products organized by Asturex in Hispania, Marcos Morán´s London restaurant.

Asturias was guaranteed. It became even more palpable when as soon as we arrived we were introduced to the waiter who was going to take care of us that night: ´Soy Elías, de La Felguera´. At that precise moment the perfect bar-room equipment was drawn, which made Poma Áurea, Pecado del Paraíso, the natural cider and Avalon flow in a magical way.

What was really amazing was our ´Soul´. The new vermouth in branch with natural cider of Trabanco that was the authentic sensation of the party. Emotions floated freely in the atmosphere, from loves at first sight, after seeing the label, to the oaths of eternal fidelity, once decanted in the palate.

In short, London offered us an evening with good timing and excellent products attended by importers, restaurateurs, writers, bloggers and those who do not miss one, the curious, without which a party is not a party.

 Pic: Matt The List

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