Lagar de Camín launches a new image this Christmas

Lagar de Camín launches a new image this Christmas

agar de Camín has been renovated for these holidays and, since this December has a fresh and current image. It is the Extra Cider that will shine on the tables placing the apple in the center of the celebrations.

Lagar de Camín is made with different varieties of apple: bitter, acid and sweet that ferment at low temperatures to acquire that pale yellow color with green background that distinguishes it. Furthermore, its fruity character, its sweet taste and its low alcohol content make Lagar de Camín the ideal choice to enjoy long after-dinner meals in the company of family or friends, as it is a drink suitable for everyone. In nose it reminds us of the green apple on clean wood and balsamic. In the mouth it is fresh and pleasant.

Uncork the bottle and enjoy the apple bubbles!

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Diseño: Beirut and Aterton & Programación web:

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