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Camin Cider

Natural cider


Camin Cider is already a brand of reference for cider in hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores.

Made with a selection of the best varieties of cider apple, and combining the know-how inherited from our ancestors with the latest advances in the field of cider, Camin is a safe bet to enjoy cider at any time (even as an ingredient in the kitchen!)

Alcohol content


Tasting notes
  • Varieties of apple: bitter, acidic and sweet.
  • Fermentation: under controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.
  • Color: yellow straw, with steely and golden tones.
  • Aroma: complex, clean, fruity and tannic notes.
  • Flavor: balanced and dry with a persistent and aromatic finish.
Available formats
  • Glass 0.70 l bottle
  • Cardboard box 6 units (non-returnable)
  • Case 2 bottles + glass
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