Trabanco Traditional Natural Cider

Trabanco Traditional Natural Cider

Trabanco is a synonym for tradition, know-how and quality in the cider world. 
Our yellow-label, natural Trabanco cider is a staple in the cider world.

We the best varieties of cider apples to make 100% natural juice that ferments with natural yeasts and, mainly, in traditional chestnut wood barrels.


Glass bottle 0.70 L

6 bottles in a cardboard box (non-returnable packaging)

12 bottles in a cardboard box (non-returnable packaging)

12 bottles in a plastic case (returnable packaging)

Package with 2 bottles + glass

Tasting notes

Apple varieties: bitter, acidic and acidulous.

Fermentation: Temperature-controlled in chestnut barrels.

Color: lively yellow.

Aroma: complex and dry with notes of mature apple and subtle aromatic herbs.

Flavor: good mouth, with dry tannins and noble flavor.

Performance in a glass: what most stands out is its good "espalme" (a layer of foam on the cider´s surface that disappears quickly and entirely).

Diseño: Beirut and Aterton & Programación web:

“TRABANCO DISTRIBUCION Y EXPORTACION SL, en el Marco del Programa de Iniciación a la Exportación del ICEX, ha contado con el apoyo del ICEX y con la cofinanciación del fondo Europeo FEDER. La finalidad de este apoyo es contribuir al desarrollo Internacional de la empresa y de su entorno.”